Walii’s Story

Ahmad Walii


  • -Qualified with PGCE at Sunderland University
  • -Struggled to find the job with a decent salary
  • -Settled with driving a taxi for over a year
  • -Now has a job at a leading University in China with excellent benefits


‘The Pathway To China has provided a fantastic service from the start and the staff have been the friendliest people I’ve ever dealt with. Help is available 24/7 because someone is always online either in London or Beijing and will respond on WeChat.’ – Ahmad Walii


After graduating in 2012, Ahmad decided to return to education to retrain as a teacher with a PGCE from the University of Sunderland. However after this, like many of his fellow alumni, he struggled to find teaching work with a decent living wage. Although he was a qualified and capable teacher, Ahmad had to turn to driving a taxi for over year as he was unable to find a job that provided him with what he was looking for. Once in contact with thePathwaytoChina, he was able to find a teaching role at an outstanding teacher training university with free accommodation, health insurance, visa and documentation costs covered with a salary of £36000 per year.

Are you a Ahmad or do you know one? Email info@thepathwaytochina.com now to book your interview!

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