Ronak’s Story


  • 30, Communications Analyst
  • Very comfortable job and life
  • Wanted to challenge himself and see the world
  • Searched for months for info sessions about China
  • Only thePathwaytoChina provided the right information
  • First and second interviews with prestigious Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Given free interview preparation and demo class planning


After an inspiring solo trip to Canada, Ronak, 30, started thinking about living abroad. He wanted to broaden his horizons and get out of his comfort zone. He felt too comfortable in his home and work life and having suffered some anxiety in the past, he bravely decided it was time to take the leap and really challenge himself.


After speaking with some friends who had taught abroad, he did some research into the topic and found himself drawn to Chinese culture. The deep cultural respect for teachers and the value of education there really appealed to him but after searching for events to attend in order to get more information, he struggled to find anywhere that provided the key information he needed. Eventually, he found thePathwaytoChina’s weekly Q&A sessions and found the personalised experience made him feel really comfortable. He was able to ask all the questions he needed about relocating and teaching in China and it even gave him the confidence to hand in his notice at his job.


At our Q&A events, we really break down the steps to show teachers that taking the leap to relocate is possible and not as daunting as it may first appear. Ronak had no experience in teaching but now he is at the second interview stage with the renowned Beijing Foreign Studies University. This esteemed university is under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education and today teachers 98 foreign languages and doctoral programmes in foreign languages and literature.


He was offered free interview preparation and lesson planning tips for the all important demo class and plans to undertake our government authorised TEFL China training to prepare him for his new career.


‘The world is still so new for kids and it’s such a privilege to be able to see it through their eyes at this key developmental stage. I’m looking really forward to putting a smile on their faces everyday.’ – Ronak Patel


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