Pap’s Story

Pap’s Story

  • 25, TESOL degree in 2015
  • Tried for years to find the job
  • Settled with a job (Morrisons)
  • Found thePathwaytoChina on her uni’s job board
  • Uploaded CV – 20/07
  • Interview with the Director – 21/07
  • Interview with School  – 23/07
  • Signed contract – 01/08

Pap, 25, found herself in a position that many young graduates find themselves in after university: qualified, eager… and unable to find a job in her area of study.

Pap moved to the UK from Thailand when she was nine years old. After graduating with a degree in TESOL, she felt disheartened with her constant search for teaching work after applying to school after school. Despite receiving excellent feedback after having taught Chinese students as part of her teaching practise for her studies, she eventually had to take a job at Morrisons. It wasn’t what she aimed to do but it was a job nonetheless. Eventually, after some perseverance, she found some teaching work with Italian students at a summer school and found that she absolutely loved it! But unfortunately, it wasn’t permanent.

That’s when Pap decided to look further afield for teaching opportunities and found thePathwaytoChina through her university’s job board. From her previous experience with Chinese students and coming from Thailand, she already understood the inherent respect that is given to teachers in Asia and with the two countries being close, there would be opportunities to visit her family too.

Pap was interviewed personally by Director Dr Vera Wei. This is because at thePathwaytoChina, we take our time to get to know our teachers better whilst our colleagues in Beijing do their best to translate this knowledge over to the schools in China. In Pap’s case, they made a profile highlighting her strengths and found her a good fit. Because of our strong links in China, we understand our schools better – that is why we are so efficient and effective.

Within ten days, she had signed a contract with the Chinese equivalent of a Russell Group university (one of the top 5% in China) and is now preparing herself for the next adventure in her life. She’s finally found not only a job in the field she is passionate about but also one with excellent benefits such as free accommodation, reimbursed flights and fast career progression. 

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