Lauren’s Story

Lauren’s Story

  • 29, supply teacher
  • Helped refugee students learn English
  • Lack of support in her role in the UK
  • Found thePathwaytoChina through job board
  • Uploaded CV – 11/07
  • Interview with the Director – 13/07
  • Interview with School – 17/07
  • Second interview with School – 20/08


Lauren, 29, had been working as a supply teacher for an agency in the Scarborough area. Always motivated by helping people, she had been teaching at a school with children experiencing behavioural issues as well as students from immigrant and refugee families. Aiding these students into assimilating into UK life ignited her passion for giving people the necessary skills to learn English in order to thrive. But as is typical with supply work, she found she was often left in the lurch when expected to cover classes at the last minute with no lesson plan and lots of hyperactive kids! Not being the regular teacher also meant her classroom management skills were put to the test.

Lauren has always described herself as having itchy feet and when she discovered the opportunities at thePathwaytoChina, she was excited at the prospect of really helping students with an unquenchable thirst to learn. It’s no secret that respect for teachers is inherent in China and this was incredibly appealing along with the excellent benefits with housing and fast career progression. Within a week of application, she had been interviewed with a top school in Shanghai and they were so keen to have her that they even offered to sponsor her single trip flight as the up front costs would have required her to save for a few months. After less than ten days, she is waiting to receive her contract and is already well on her way there.

Lauren’s story is rewarding and one of many within our candidate pool. Whether you’re looking for a change in career or taking the first step into employment, thePathwaytoChina wants to take the time to get you, your goals and needs in order to help you with your journey.

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