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  • Visa fee reimbursed
  • 4 weeks paid holidays plus your Chinese holidays
  • Free Chinese lessons provided
  • Yancheng is also home to some beautiful (and endangered) wildlife such as the red-crowned crane and Père David’s deer. With a good balance of development of economics and conservation of nature, Yancheng is awarded as the National Garden City.

Nasdaken International English Training Center (NIE) was founded in Yancheng in 2009, and then quickly expanded to Xuzhou. Our ability to provide an effective and competitive solution for English language instruction is reflected in our growth over the past years. Every year, thousands of students learn and improve their English with us. The NIE learning method is featured with its emphasis on individualized learning, as well as advanced muti-media course ware, small classes and qualified ESL teachers.

Job Description:

Teach students and adults between 7~15 but most students age between 7~13. Teachers will teach general English, Oral and Written English. Class size varies, 4 in Private Classes, 8 in Salon Classes and 16 in English Corners.

About Our Curricula

NIE provides a pre-written and well structured curricula, so class preparation is simple and easy. Our teachers are always allowed to be creative and develop the lessons how they want them to be according to their students.

All of our students are obligated to preview their lessons through Multimedia Courses and students books before they attend classes. This is to enable the efficiency in class and help the teachers to really concentrate on what our students have learned in the respects of vocabulary, grammar as well as listening and speaking.

Besides, we also have various Extra Curricula Activities which require for teachers’ creativity, cultural awareness and interests. ECA could be anything from table manners to holiday celebrations. Not only it is a rewarding experience but it is also entertaining.

About our students and ESL teachers

NIE has a wide range of students, from 8 years old to professional adults. The major age group is comprised of students from 8 to 14 years old. This is ideal for most teachers because you can always work with your favorite age group. Since we only get students who are serious and ready to learn, you do not have to deal with disciplinary issues in class. The regular classes are usually from 1 to 16 motivated students.

Our ESL teaching team is of 18 foreign teachers (both full time and part time) from the English-speaking countries all over the world, and the team is growing all the time. There is also a close-knit, friendly and welcoming expats community in both Yancheng and Xuzhou. Many of them have lived here for years thanks to the fantastic cost of living and abundant opportunities.

About the city:

Yancheng is a rising and emerging coastal city of Jiangsu province. With a total population of 8 millions and an area of 17,000 square kilometers, Yancheng is the largest city of Jiangsu Province in area and the second in population, and has 11 county-level cities under its jurisdiction.

The city is very beautiful and has undergone much development in the past few years. Both inner and external transportation system are very convenient and affordable here in Yancheng. Traveling by bus to nearby cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou etc. costs around 120 RMB (about 20 USD) each way.

Global brands such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Apple, H&M, IMAX and McDonalds etc. can be found throughout the city. At night city streets and buildings light up, which makes our city particularly sparkling. Yancheng is also home to some beautiful (and endangered) wildlife such as the red-crowned crane and Père David’s deer. With a good balance of development of economics and conservation of nature, Yancheng is awarded as the National Garden City.

How much is the Living cost?

The cost of living is very affordable both in Yancheng. According to ESL teachers’ experience, 3000 RMB (about 441 USD) is more than enough to cover all food costs per month. Utilities are about 500 RMB (about 80 USD) per month. Our teachers’ monthly salary compared to the cost of living is quite generous and competitive.


Title English
School Type State school
Location Yancheng
Hours 22 teaching hours with 13 office hours
Work days 5 days a week, Wednesday to Sunday
Student Age 8 – 15 years old
Contract Length 1 year


  1. Salary 13,000 to 15,000 RMB /month
  2. Free single apartment in city centre within short walking distance
  3. 4 weeks paid holidays with 3,000 RMB travel allowance plus your Chinese holidays
  4. Free accommodation
  5. Round trip flight tickets reimbursed (Up to 8,000 RMB)
  6. Visa fee reimbursed (Up to 3,000 RMB)
  7. Free Chinese classes
  8. Free pick-up at the airport/bus station/train station
  9. Full Orientation and ongoing training during the period of contract
  10. Full assistance with settling into life of China
  11. Medical and accident insurance


1. English native level speakers;
2. Bachelor’s degree or above required;
3. Teaching certificate e.g. TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, Trinity etc.
4. Clear criminal record certificate;
5. A genuine interest in teaching and professional development
6. Open – minded, dynamic, cultural sensitivity and professional flexibility

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