Confessions of a TEFL Teacher: A typical week teaching in China

A typical week I’m currently employed in China as an English teacher for a private language centre. Private language centres are quite different from the other educational establishments you can work for in China (state schools, private schools, universities) and each have their own pros and cons. One big difference you’ll find with private language centres is the working week

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Confessions of a TEFL Teacher: Arriving in Shenzhen

Arriving in China The first thing that hit me upon arriving into Shenzhen was the heat. Though the locals seemed to have no problem walking through the mid-morning sun fully suited and booted, I had just left the somewhat drizzly British Isles and regretted travelling in jeans. This was the second occasion I had touched down in China (the

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Get in the swing in Beijing!

We’re thrilled to announce our new TEFL camp in the heart of bustling Beijing. Candidates will be given the unique opportunity to receive their teacher training at the endearing Apple Tree Kindergarten.          Here, they will have the chance to learn about teaching methods and then put them into practice with the adorable kindergarten students through dance

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Hangzhou – Paradise On Earth

Here at thePathwaytoChina, we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with the Hangzhou Municipal Government. In partnership with the Hangzhou Normal University, we have recently been authorised to recruit and interview ESL teachers for thirty of the province’s best state schools including kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. This fantastic new partnership gives us the potential to expand our

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Introduction to Chinese Cuisine – Part Three: Chinese Breakfast

早饭 zǎofàn – early food Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in China, breakfast is taken seriously. Unlike in the UK, many Chinese workers and students eat breakfast outside in small breakfast restaurants which can often be pointed with a big sign saying 早点 zǎodiǎn. They typically open at around 4am with the sunrise. By 6am they’re

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Introduction to Chinese Cuisine – Part Two: Regional Cuisines

China is a vast, rich and fertile land. Each region’s cuisine has its own unique characteristics depending on its climate, local ingredients and cultural influences. In part one, we explored the Eight Great Culinary Styles of Chinese cuisine, but that doesn’t even cover half of it – there’s so much more… What about China’s capital city? Beijing Cuisine 京菜 The

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Introduction to Chinese Cuisine – Part One: The Eight Great Culinary Styles

民以食為天 – Food is the God of the people This ancient Chinese saying just shows how significant food is to the Chinese. Due to the China’s sheer size and diversity, sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming understanding what kind of food you can expect to eat in different regions of China. Conveniently, the Chinese cuisine can be broken down

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