Hear the story

thePathwaytoChina is the trading name of Sloan Education® LTD, which was inspired by Vera’s Sloan Fellowship at London Business School.

After 20 years and a high-flying career in Chinese financial industry, she did not expect to learn much when she first started at London Business School. Then she was amazed by how much she absorbed and how liberating this global exposure was.

That is why Vera started Sloan Education, the namesake, during her Sloan Fellowship, with the support of London Business School. Her vision is to help Chinese students get into leading UK independent schools and open the door to the world.

Soon we realised only so many students could benefit from our endeavour whilst so many more will benefit if we bring foreign teachers to them. Hence thePathwaytoChina.

With the endorsement by SAFEA and support of passionate leaders from all industries in China, we are confident that we will deliver the most incredible immersion experience and help you unlock opportunities unforeseen.

Join us now. Do good, do well and have fun!

Meet our team

Mike Farmer

Chair of Sloan Education LTD, the head of a leading independent school and vice chair of Boarding Schools Association. Having spent his whole career in teaching and education he is passionate about instilling in young people confidence and aspirations. He has witnessed the fast development of China during his numerous visits so he trust that thePathwaytoChina will help young people get global exposure and launch their careers.

Vera Wei

Founder of Sloan Education LTD. She is where she is because of her education. Hence her vision to help Chinese students get global exposure, who will later contribute to development of China, wherever they will be. She has a highly successful career which spans from central bank to asset management before London Business School. She also serves as a non-executive director of Fidelity China Special Situations, the largest investment trust listed on London Stock Exchange that focuses on emerging markets. She graduated from PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University and received her PhD from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.